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About Us

Owner and guiding light for her clients, Nikki Mohler helps and supports clients one on one to determine options, hair products, styles, and answer questions that help with thinning and hair loss situations. Owner and Guiding Light for her clients.  

Image Maker Salon & Wig Studio began from a passion of my heart, to provide a service to clients of all ages, races, and gender a place to go.  I knew there were options for thinning and hair loss situations and I wanted to provide those options to the community, to help people feel good about themselves. 

Image Maker Salon & Wig Studio are Hair Specialists who work with all hair issues but specializing in thinning hair and hair loss due to medical and/or physical situations. 

I can personally promise that YOU will see FABULOUS results for your thin, fine hair or any hair type that you may have. 

If you are ready to regain your image, your control over your appearance I would love to meet you!

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