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Medical Treatment resulting in Hair Loss 


Thin - Fine Hair

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Image Maker Wig Studio and Hair Styling Salon

1033A Claymont Drive ;  Lynchburg, Va  24502

Call: (434) 385-0347 OR (434)660-2259

If you’re going through a medical treatment and expect hair loss or thinning hair, you’ll want to find the best wig you can. Going online is one option, although it robs you of the ability to try before you buy, and can leave you unhappy with your purchase.

Image Maker Wig Studio and Hair Salon would like to invite you to visit our wig salon  and find that perfect look. Bring a supportive  friend or Family member plus a camera, try on several wigs, and buy only when you feel it’s right for you. I promise you will discover when you have found that perfect wig- you will know immediately, "This is it!!"  A good wig that fits your personality and style will go a long way toward keeping your spirits up and your defenses strong. We will teach you hands on about styling and caring for your wig.

Also Image Maker Wig Studio and Hair Salon offers Wig and Toupee Cutting - Wig altering services - Plus cleaning maintenance services. If you have purchased a wig and it simply does not look right - bring it in and allow us to cut and style it for your individual needs. Remember wigs are production line made - no two wigs are alike - no two heads are alike - so to gain your best look a Wig Cut / consulting Service should be obtained.

Image Maker Wig Studio and Hair Salon is Lynchburg, Virginia's only Salon which specifically specialize in Thin Fine Hair - from Specialized Hair Cutting Techniques that actually promotes thickness ( we promise you WILL see a DIFFERENCE) - to Chemical Services either Hair Coloring or Perm  that will NOT Break your Hair off and will actually make your hair vibrant and shine! 

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