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Image Maker Salon & Wig Spa's

#1 Invisible Hairpiece

Small, Medium, and Large Synthetic and Human Hair Options

Example of thinning crown- Scalp peeking through hair

Example of Topper - total covera​ge of thinning crown

Invisible Hairpieces

Each Invisible Hairpiece is an individualized, color matched piece and is attached with pressure clips. 

Enjoy customizable hair replacement solutions with just the right amount of coverage you need. Whether you're looking for a full head of hair, or just covering up what you don't want to see, our expertly handcrafted hairpieces provide not only custom color matching but available in three sizes for each piece. You can decide how much hair to add on. 

Short hair or long hair - A lot of hair - More Volume 

 We have the style to suit your requirements. 

Set yourself apart and feel confident and beautiful with an Invisible Hairpiece! Our clientele ranges from young to elderly and professional to family members.  

Each Invisible Hairpiece is available in human hair fibers or synthetic dream fiber  (perfect for those who like longer lasting do's), giving a variety of options -  length, texture and even color.  The real difference between the two fibers; human hair fiber has body / little curl and the Dream fiber has curl that can be straightened and with a wash the curls return.

A couple of maintenance notes our Invisible Hairpieces are  heat tolerant to 315°. It is not recommended to use a a Flat Iron of any type on either fiber ( this will give you a very straight piece). 


Perfect filler for thin/no hair on top situations for women and for many men who are having like situations. This invisible topper is breathable, single hair hand knotted, new dream synthetic fiber, looks and feels exactly like human hair, can be curled/straightened, can use blow dryer, available in 25 colors.

Attaches with small built-in comb-clips or when area is completely bald or remaining hair can be shaved, can also be attached using double-sided adhesive tapes or bonding glue.

Sleep, shower, problem.


Human Hair - can be chemically altered ( colored / permed)

This will perfectly blend with you own hair

NO ONE will know it's not your hair!!

Dream Synthetic Fiber - super natural, heat-resistant, fine like human hair, no artificial shine, no color changing.  Can be curled or straightened (using curling irons or flat irons w/ temperatures less than 315°.